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Besides his/the documentary photo agency europhoto, Ozkan Uner is working on commercial photography since 2000. (His) Main working areas are corporate photography, product photography and fashion photography. But he is not limited with these, due to wide range of product and advertisement shots, and also personal points of interest overlapping with photography. His interest in photography has begun in 1988 while studying Architecture. This interest turned to another path, digital photo capture and processing while he was doing his masters degree on Design in Digital Media in 1995.

In 1997 he founded ,konsept.designgroup which produces print and interactive designs. This period let him to observe both sides as designer and photographer, understand requests of both sides and generate maximum final product quality.

His experience as an architect helped him to design websites, easy to navigate and hard to get lost, just with similar algorithms in building design. In this timeline, he gained a knowledge base on photography & digital techniques & procedures. Results of this knowledge base can be seen in his works. He is also lecturing Advertisement Graphic Design and Applications, Basic Photography and Advertising Photography lessons at Yeditepe University since 2009.

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